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(updated: April 20, 2018)


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The Sunstar eBriefs is published monthly with information about teeth cleaning, pain management, dental kits, toothbrushes, children's products and operatory products.


   March 2018 e-Brief
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Topics:  [updated 4/7/2018]
  1. Investigating the Public Health Career Path
    1. Improving Oral Health
    2. New Provider Designations
    3. Product Samples


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Current Topics:  [updated 4/20/2018]
  1. Domestic violence and the dental practice
    You could encounter domestic violence through the patients in your chair—or through workplace violence against a coworker. One Ohio practice learned this in 2013, when hygienist Vicki Vertin (pictured) was greviously wounded by an abusive ex while at work. The authors share her story here, as well as what you can do to help patients who are being victimized.
  2. OSA and oral appliances: Vivos Dental Technologies pushes boundaries, transforms lives
    You've already heard that obstructive sleep apnea and its physiological causes can have serious negative effects—but treatment is often easier said than done. That's why Chris Bustamante, RDH, is excited about a new kind of oral appliance.
  3. How should dental staff handle threatening visitor?
    A foul-smelling man who uses vulgar language and tells office staff about his drug use and how many times he has been shot and stabbed has been hanging out in this practice's waiting room… what should staff do?

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RDH Magazine

Apex360 is a DentistryIQ partner publication for dental practitioners and members of the dental industry. Its goal is to provide timely dental information and present it in meaningful context, empowering those in the dental space to make better business decisions.

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Current Top Topics:   [updated 4/12/2018]
  1. The aftermath of dental fraud begins before it takes place
  2. The hidden link between the dental lease and practice profitability
  3. The CDC studied an unexplained cluster of lung disease among dental professionals: What should you know?
  4. Free samples page on

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RDH Magazine

Registered Dental Hygienist, a licensed dental professional who specializes in preventive oral health.

   RDH Magazine [digital]
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Current Top Topics - April 2018:
  1. The fight for independence: Direct access for dental hygiene patients continues to surge forward, but how many professionals and consumers are just confused?
    by: Melissa Turner, RDH
  2. Whose responsibility is CE? Some practical guidelines regarding continuing education expenses.
    by: Julie Whiteley, RDH
  3. Playing nice in the "sand box" How RDH Under One Roof supports our parents' lesson.
    by: Amber Auger, RDH

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RDH Magazine

A newsletter for hygiene students and new hygienists.   [updated 3/24/2018]

   RDH Graduate
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Current Top Topics - March 2018:
  1. Perception of repurposing leftover food is powerful
    Alicia Murria, RDH, noticed leftover food at a dental hygiene conference and disliked the thought of it going to waste. Hygienists for Humanity arose from a simple desire to help others.
  2. Hygienist who dreaded clinic offers tips for a more pleasant experience
    Julie Whiteley, RDH, remembers being filled with self-doubt and frustration during clinic days. Here's what she would do differently since she has witnessed numerous students going through the same emotions.
  3. How to rally from the gut punch to your career
    Carolyn Short, RDH, hopes you have a speedy recovery from being fired from a dental hygiene job. She shares some ideas about rebounding after hearing those awful words, "You're fired!"

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[updated 1/9/2017]

    CDHA e-Communique
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Current Top Topics - January 2017:
  1. CDHA Legislative Day
  2. Student Members of CDHA
  3. Spring Scientific Session
  4. FDA Bans Powdered Gloves
  5. CDT Code D4346
  6. Dental Hygiene Employment
  7. Care Harbor Los Angeles

CDHA E-Journal

The Journal of the California Dental Hygienists’ Association provides both timely and timeless information to the dental hygienist for use throughout their career. As a state dental hygiene publication, the Journal is a unique in offering a wide range of content including life-long learning, clinical practice, public health, dental hygiene education, alternative career pathways and the student perspective. Published three times a year in a print and digital format, each issue focuses on a topic relevant to the dental hygiene professional. As the publication for the California Dental Hygienists’ Association, the Journal strives to create a balance of articles that highlight the latest research and clinical information.
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[updated: 10/4/2017 (red)]

■  Hu-Friedy  (main page)

- New e-book series: The Essential Guide to Infection Control
An invaluable resource to implement the best practices in your instrument reprocessing area
[POSTED: September 20, 2017]

To help you comply with the latest infection prevention guidelines and recommendations, Hu‑Friedy's team of experts has created "The Essential Guide to Infection Control" e-book, a valuable and easy to follow resource for both the infection control newbie and veteran alike.

- Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
Part III: Proven steps to help your patients change
[POSTED: September 20, 2017]

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. Motivational Interviewing is an ancient art with practical, modern and clinical applications. In this third and final installment of the Motivational Fire series, we provide the reader with an implementation guide so you can add MI to purposeful patient conversations that lead to yes.

- Show Us Your Purple 2017
Hu‑Friedy gears up for the annual hygiene pride week
[POSTED: September 20, 2017]

This year, Hu‑Friedy is excited to launch the fifth annual Show Us Your Purple Week during National Dental Hygiene Month. From October 16-20, Hu‑Friedy will proudly show off its purple and its pride in dental hygiene.

- Hygienists’ scheduling secrets
An implementation guide
[POSTED: September 20, 2017]

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. The appointment schedule dictates everything you do during your workday – when you arrive, when you leave and everything else that happens in between. Simply put, the schedule manages time and it has a tremendous impact on the team, the patients and the practice as a whole.

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- Infection Prevention breaches in Ontario
What to be aware of in your own practice
[POSTED: August 24, 2017]

If you have been paying attention to the news from Canada this summer, you may have heard that multiple offices in Ontario were closed due to lapses in their infection control protocols. The situation, while nerve-wracking, serves as an important reminder that infection control is paramount to patient (and clinician) safety, encouraging all clinicians – in Ontario and beyond – to review best practices.

- Five time management secrets for the dental hygiene appointment
How to ensure that your appointments are productive and efficient
[POSTED: August 24, 2017]

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. Do you ever worry about how to fit everything you need to do into a thorough and complete appointment? Here, we discuss five time mastery secrets and practical actions you can take immediately to be more in control of your day, less stressed, and more productive.

- Titanium Implant Scalers
A new product from Hu‑Friedy, enabling you to use your favorite instruments in a growing segment of patients
[POSTED: August 24, 2017]

Hu‑Friedy is proud to announce the launch of our newest instrument line designed to help clinicians achieve the best clinical outcomes for Implant maintenance: Titanium Implant Scalers. Now available!

- Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
Part II: Is motivational interviewing just a gimmick?
[POSTED: August 24, 2017]

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC. Here, we build on the motivational competencies with the foundational theory of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and how it relates to oral care. We will begin to create a model for MI with, first, its history and background, and then by exploring the “spirit” or “essence” of MI, which you can start to immediately implement in your daily patient communications.

- Hu‑Friedy announces Sharp Tank & Sharp Week
The return of a summertime favorite and a new contest
[POSTED: July 27, 2017]

Hu‑Friedy are very excited to announce the return of Sharp Week this summer along with the debut of an exciting new promotion, Sharp Tank.

- Hu‑Friedy set to welcome RDH’s to Chicago for Under One Roof 2017
Visit us at Under One Roof to see new products, a chance to win prizes, and to help two good causes at once
[POSTED: July 27, 2017]

We are excited to welcome Dental Hygienists from across the nation to Under One Roof 2017, held in Chicago from Aug. 10-12. We have lots going on during this popular gathering, and we want our Friends to be among the first to know.

- An Interview with Crystal Spring, RDH, BS, LAP
The ADHA Master Clinician Award recipient discusses the award and her work and goals for patient care
[POSTED: July 27, 2017]

Crystal Spring, RDH, BS, LAP was presented with the ADHA Master Clinician Award at the ADHA CLL 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. She took the time to discuss her path to becoming a dental hygienist as well as her mission to bring dental care to rural, Native America, and underserved communities.

- An Interview with Beryl “Sue” Correia, RDH
The ADHA Esther Wilkins Future Leader Award recipient discusses the award, her path to dental hygiene, and her role within the hygiene community
[POSTED: July 27, 2017]

Beryl “Sue” Correia was presented with the ADHA Esther Wilkins Future Leader Award at the ADHA CLL 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. We spoke with her about her path to hygiene, her active role within the ADHA, Florida, the Special Olympics, and beyond.

- Student ADHA members from across the nation compete in board review challenge
200 students participated in the Are You Smarter than Esther Wilkins? competition at ADHA CLL 2017
[POSTED: July 27, 2017]

On June 15, 2017, 200 students gathered at the Prime F Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla., to compete in the annual Are You Smarter than Esther Wilkins? board review challenge.

- Fractured
The separation of dentistry from medicine and its lingering consequences
[POSTED: June 13, 2017]

Medicine and dentistry have long been separate affairs. This arrangement persists in spite of the fact that teeth are – indisputably – a part of the body. While organized dental hygiene has worked for years to bring the oral-systemic connection to light, this split in the two great elements of patient care remains deep enough to rival that cracked molar you saw last month. Considering what we know about the intimate connection between oral health and whole body health, one has to wonder: "Was it always this way? And what is this doing to patients?"

- Introducing the new Hu-Friedy Blog
Hu-Friedy’s CEO gives the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t read the new blog
[POSTED: June 13, 2017]

Hu-Friedy CEO Ron Saslow explains, “If you are not interested in reading information that will help you perform at your best, or developing a better understanding of the trends that impact dentistry, or in asking questions about issues that you face every day in your practice, then you absolutely should not read the Hu-Friedy blog. For everyone else, you are in the right place.”

- Extend the life of your Ultrasonic Inserts
Helpful tips for optimal ultrasonic insert life from Hu-Friedy
[POSTED: June 13, 2017]

Your practice has invested in providing power scaling for the best possible patient care. And while ultrasonic inserts work hard to remove heavy calculus and stain, they can also be somewhat delicate – needing care and attention to regularly perform optimally. Following these usage tips can help you to protect and extend the life of your ultrasonic inserts.

- New eBook series: The Essential Guide to Infection Control
Are you an infection prevention champion? Get started with Part 1 of our new eBook series!
[POSTED: June 13, 2017]

Hu-Friedy’s team of experts has created “The Essential Guide to Infection Control” eBook, a valuable and easy to follow resource for both the infection control newbie and veteran alike.

- Titanium Implant Scalers
A new product from Hu-Friedy, enabling you to use your favorite instruments in a growing segment of patients
[POSTED: June 13, 2017]

Hu-Friedy is proud to announce the launch of our newest instrument line designed to help clinicians achieve the best clinical outcomes for Implant maintenance: Titanium Implant Scalers. Coming early July 2017.

- Latest Way to Keep You Performing at Your Best
How Do The Best Perform?
[POSTED: June 2, 2017]

Gain access to impactful information, leverage knowledge gathered from the best and brightest minds in dentistry, and tap into their curiosity to explore trends and best practices.

With a commitment to keep you performing at your best, Hu‑Friedy is excited to announce a new way of delivering relevant, interesting and important information.

- Facing death while sitting down
The insidious danger facing every dental practitioner
[POSTED: May 9, 2017]

You needn’t look too far to find an article discussing the dangers of sitting or the benefits of working while standing up; in particular, writers like to say that “sitting is the new smoking”. So what’s a dental practitioner – whose day on the job is mostly spent sitting – to do? Do you just take these health risks sitting down? Or do you take a stand?

- Lighting your patient’s motivational fire!
The mysterious concept of motivation
[POSTED: May 9, 2017]

By: Kristine Hodson-Berry, RDH Have you ever experienced the frustration of explaining a diagnosis to a patient and outlining the treatment plan, only to have them delay, put-off, or reject treatment? How can you motivate them to accept the treatment you know they need?

- Why and how to know your instruments are clean
Using cleaning monitors to verify your instrument washing loads
[POSTED: May 9, 2017]

Let's face it, cleaning and sterilizing instruments for re-use might just be one of the most tedious and unexciting parts of your day. But the bottom line is that it is also a crucial part of your day. Ensuring that instruments are free of potentially infectious materials is critical to the quality care that dental health professionals pledge to provide.

- Hu-Friedy will be at ADHA CLL 2017!
Be sure to join us and visit us in sunny Jacksonville, Fla.
[POSTED: May 9, 2017]

Hu-Friedy will be at ADHA CLL 2017! Be sure to join us and visit us in sunny Jacksonville, Fla. Hu-Friedy is preparing for an informative and fun few days at the 2017 ADHA CLL Session in Jacksonville, Fla. June 15-17, 2017. We are excited to participate in the annual session and promote the hygiene values of lifelong learning, support, and community.

- Hu-Friedy and ADHA honor the dental hygiene graduates of 2017
  [POSTED: May 9, 2017]

Hu-Friedy and the ADHA continue their annual tradition of honoring dental hygiene graduates starting their careers with a commemorative graduate scaler.

- April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
An Update from the Oral Cancer Foundation
[POSTED: April 7, 2017]

The Oral Cancer Foundation is the leading source for awareness, education, and fundraising for this insidious disease. Read about Oral Cancer Awareness Month and about the Foundation’s latest updates here.

- Ways to be a greener office
Ideas to consider in honor of Earth Day
[POSTED: April 7, 2017]

In the last twenty years, there have been many advances in the dental industry that can save the practice money, make your job easier, and do the earth a favor; it’s a rare set of triple advantages. While many dental offices are engaged in some of these practices, few are engaged in all of them, especially since new ways to be green pop up every day. In honor of Earth Day, we present some of the most impactful ways to green your office.

- Resources for Oral Cancer Awareness Month
[POSTED: April 7, 2017]

In recognition of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we’re presenting some resources for more information on the disease and its detection, Q&A on oral cancer examinations, and information on the Oral Cancer Foundation.

- Do you know how to classify a periodontal biotype?
Using the Colorvue® biotype probe
[POSTED: April 7, 2017]

Doctor Raspirini, a leading periodontologist and developer of the Colorvue® Biotype Probe, took the time to explain these novel instruments and how they can be used, as well as the importance of proper biotyping.

- Bring a New Level of Organization to Your Office with an Integrated Cassette System
Hu‑Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS®)
[POSTED: April 4, 2017]

  1. What is IMS? A system that standardizes and combines the cleaning, sterilization, storage and organization of dental instruments
  2. How does IMS work? IMS saves time by pre-sorting instruments by procedure and once configured the instrument set-up remains complete throughout instrument processing.
  3. What does it do? Provides result-driven standards, while saving a practice 5–10 minutes per procedure and reducing the risk of potential sharps injuries. Click here for a quick breakdown on Hu‑Friedy's IMS Instrument Management System.
  4. How do you get started? By taking advantage of the BEST OFFER of the year taking place now through May 31st: a 15% cash or free goods rebate

Save Money (and Time) with Hu‑Friedy’s Instrument Management System (IMS)
♦  Calculate your potential savings with the IMS investment calculator

- Take the Sterilization Self Check
Assess your knowledge on the infection prevention process
[POSTED: April 4, 2017]

Not sure how your instrument reprocessing and infection prevention protocols currently stack up? Take our infection control self check to discover potential opportunities for improvement.

- Billing Code D4346
A Game Changer
[POSTED: March 14, 2017]

Creating new insurance codes to embrace new technologies, materials, and procedures can lead to earlier arrest and prevention of oral disease, and positively influence systemic health. The most notable changes are a perfect example of how Codes on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) evolve to fill procedure gaps.

- Dental Ergonomics
Recommendations for a happy, healthy, ache-free hygienist
[POSTED: March 14, 2017]

As a dental professional, you work to stay vigilant and to keep your patients safe every day. You make sure that your instruments are sterile, you wear gloves, and you put protective goggles on yourself and your patients. Likewise, you ensure that your instruments are in top shape for the procedures you about to perform. Are you, however, protecting the most important asset of the dental operatory: yourself?

- Thanking Dental Assistants
Expressing gratitude for everyday heroes
[POSTED: March 14, 2017]

The month of March is a time that many dental offices thank their assistants for the hard work that they do. However, all of March – and indeed all year – is a time to express gratitude to these unsung heroes of the dental practice.

- Hand Hygiene
Hand Essentials™ Special Offer
[POSTED: February 3, 2017]

You know the importance of hand hygiene in every aspect of your practice and the average store-bought brand won’t cut it. Take advantage of our special offer on Hand Essentials and keep your two most important instruments protected all winter long!

Buy 3 Hand Essentials™ Products, RECEIVE 1 FREE

- Cleaning & Care
Enzymax® Special Offer
[POSTED: February 3, 2017]

Superior cleaning agents quickly and easily clean your instruments while Steelgard™ agents extend instrument life by offering protection from harmful minerals found in water that contribute to buildup, spotting and corrosion.

Buy 3 Enzymax® Products, RECEIVE 1 FREE*

- Preventive Oral Care
Hu-Friedy Disposable Prophy Angles Special Offer
[POSTED: February 3, 2017]

Incorporate our new DPAs into your hygiene appointments to improve clinical outcomes, reduce clinician stress and maximize patient acceptance.

  1. Buy three 100-ct. boxes, RECEIVE ONE BOX FREE
  2. Buy two 1,000-ct boxes, RECEIVE FIVE 100-ct BOXES FREE

- As featured on NPR – National Public Radio

As featured on NPR – National Public Radio
[POSTED: December 21, 2016]

Dr. Esther Wilkins was an icon in the dental hygiene world. However, few people outside the dental professions knew her. After her death in December, however, that changed when NPR did a feature story on her on their daily news show, All Things Considered.

- Why polishing prior to instrumentation makes sense

Most patients today experience polishing at the end of their appointment, signaling “the end” of the visit.
[POSTED: January 26, 2017]

Personally, I polish at the beginning of the appointment. So, what is the rationale for polishing first? In the absence of evidence-based science proving the benefits of polishing first, let’s uncover some of the practical reasons to do so.

- e-Cigarettes and oral health

A new way to get your nicotine brings oral health problems, new and old
[POSTED: January 26, 2017]

E-Cigarettes, or "vaping", have become increasingly popular over the last few years – among former 'traditional' smokers, those working towards quitting, and those who have never used a lighter or matches to light a regular cigarette. Some e-cigarette smokers, or "vapers", believe that an e-cigarette doesn't present health risks the way that old-fashioned cigarettes do. In fact, some don't even consider it smoking at all. There are, however, health risks associated with these electronic nicotine delivery devices, both known and unknown.

- Collaborative care: Periodontist urges that hygienists be part of the triangle of periodontal care

From RDH Magazine
[POSTED: December 13, 2016]

Lisa Masters, DDS, MS, writes why hygienists must be considered an essential part of periodontal therapy.

- Winter illness and dental health

Best practices for the dental health practitioner and patient
[POSTED: December 19, 2016]

As a dental healthcare professional, you are a source of dental care and information; you are also a possible vector for respiratory infection, especially during the cold and flu season. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help prevent the spread of respiratory illness as well as instruct your patients how they can protect themselves and others this season. And if you or one of your patients should catch cold or flu, there are steps to protect oral health while recuperating.

- Esther Wilkins, a dental hygiene icon, passes away

Memories of the dental hygiene icon from friends, students, and admirers around the world
[POSTED: December 13, 2016]

Dr. Esther Wilkins, the founder of modern dental hygiene theory and the writer of the authoritative text, Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, passed away on December 12, 2016 – just three days after her 100th birthday.

Fond Memories of Dr. Esther Wilkins-Remembering Esther  click here

- Tips and tricks for pediatric patients

Some useful pointers and tips for easy treatment and care of your favorite little guys
[POSTED: February 24, 2016]

With school holiday breaks here, chances are that your dental practice will have more pediatric patients than at other times this winter. Children can bring a smile to anyone’s face – until that moment that they don’t. Do you know how to effectively work with children so that they are at ease and cooperative in the operatory? Do you know how to keep a child smiling in the dental chair? What about the at-home tips you should give parents to ensure that their children’s little smiles grow into big, healthy ones?

- Hand hygiene and dry skin

The itch with life-threatening consequences
[POSTED: November 22, 2016]

The holidays are nearly here, but for most of us, the cold and dry weather have already arrived. Winter also brings an increase in contagious diseases (particularly respiratory illness) and – for many of us – is a harbinger for dry, cracked skin and dermatitis. Many may not realize the connection these share and that dry skin is not just a nuisance to healthcare providers, but also a threat to their patients.

- Educate yourself on air polishing and biofilm removal

On-demand webinar options to learn about air polishing therapy
[POSTED: November 22, 2016]

Knowing that education is important to you as a dental professional, Hu-Friedy has an array of webinars – with CE credit – available for you to view on-demand, on your schedule. As the understanding of the importance of biofilm management continues to grow within the dental industry, you need to be on top of the trends in order to provide this highest level of care to your patients. Which is why we have a few webinars on the topic of biofilm management using air polishing technology that we encourage you to check out!

- Charitable dental clinics

Examples of dental professionals working to provide smiles to those in need
[POSTED: November 22, 2016]
Unfortunately, dental care is prohibitively expensive and out-of-reach for many throughout the United States, where fewer than 62% of adults were able to see a dentist in 2014. While access to dental care remains a systemic issue throughout the country, there are clinics and programs in place to help improve these numbers. Here, we try to explore and highlight some of these clinics that provide an invaluable service to those who need it most.

- Tooth Sensitivity

Answers for your patients' burning questions
[POSTED: September 30, 2016]
About 25% of the adult population (according to best estimates) has suffered tooth sensitivity in one or more teeth during their life. What causes this painful, but common, symptom? What can you tell your patients about it, and is it preventable?

- Hypertension

A high-pressure issue every RDH should know about
[POSTED: September 30, 2016]

Blood pressure, for most of us, is something we only think of once a year at our physical (if we even get a physical, that is). However, hypertension affects over 29% of American adults – meaning you come into contact with a hypertensive patient every day. What do you need to know about high blood pressure?

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[updated 4/20/2018]


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Current Top Topics - April 2018:
  1. Hypersensitivity in the Orthodontic Patient
  2. Community Water Fluoridation
  3. Ultrasonic Instrumentation Tips For Premolars

Also see the Dimensions of Dental Hygiene CURRENT Issue which offers a total of 8 CEUs!

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Dimensions of Dental Hygiene


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Please join us in our efforts to continue to have a strong voice in Sacramento.

To find out more about CalHyPAC, please visit the CalHyPAC website:


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Controlling aerosols
Added: 4/12/2018
Controlling aerosols

Not every RDH has the luxury of having someone suction while she works, and the saliva ejector does little to control aerosols. So what other options do you have for protecting yourself from airborne pathogens?

Learn more
rubber dam
- Added: 4/12/2018
Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't

Read More
posterior compositer
- Added: 4/12/2018
Simplifying posterior composite placement using bulk-fill technologies

Robert A. Lowe, DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD, shares a case in which he used a new class of bulk-fill flowable composite that eliminates the need for a traditional nanohybrid capping layer.

Learn More
Current Product Navigator
[April 11 2018]



Chris Salierno; DDS Editorial Director



Young Dental

" Young Dental is a leading US manufacturer of clinically advanced dental hygiene products headquartered in Earth City, MO.The company was founded in 1900 by Dr. Young, who serves as the company’s namesake. Young employees take great pride in developing innovative products that are endorsed by hygienists and manufactured with strict quality standards.

The Young brand is most commonly associated with the disposable prophy angle. Trusted by dental professionals, Young manufactures over 200 preventive products to include hygiene handpieces, prophy pastes, fluoride varnish and infection control products. "

Current Top Topics:
  1. 'This is dentistry’s cancer'
  2. Buy 2 Young Hygiene Handpieces, Get 1 FREE!
  3. Attending ADHA? Be Part of our Focus Group

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[updated: April 12 2018]
Scott Froum, DDS, Editorial Director

5 seconds of implant safety that can save 5 years of litigation

Although dental implants enjoy a high survival rate, complications can occur. Those complications that happen due to provider negligence (iatrogenic implant complications) can be the worst kind. They are often preventable and likely to wind up as malpractice cases if they are truly egregious.

On occasion, a patient may digest or aspirate an implant component, requiring a trip to the hospital for radiographs to locate the missing implant part. But if you can take just five extra seconds of diligence to promote implant safety in your practice, there's an easy-to-use device that can prevent five years of agonizing litigation should the unexpected occur.

Current Top Topics - April 12 2018:
  1. How to use a dental implant verification jig to ensure an accurate final framework every time

  2. ♦ Sponsor Information:
  3. Cracked teeth: A more serious problem in 2018 than 1964
  4. ProxySoft
  5. Interdental Care
Read More

Lorene G. Kent, RDH, BA Publisher



The status of oral health care delivery in the United States has been in the spotlight in recent years. With a growing number of states passing legislation allowing for new workforce models, change has come swiftly and appears to be ongoing.

And more change seems to be on the horizon with many states considering legislation to either expand the reach of dental hygienists or add a midlevel practitioner to their cadre of oral health professionals. One thing is clear, the oral health care delivery system is in a period of great change as the nation attempts to reach its most vulnerable populations.

The 2017 issue of "Perspectives on the Midlevel Practitioner" presents a snapshot of this transformation.
Read More

Current Topics:


  1. What's new on the legislative front
  2. Top-of-license dental hygiene practice



  1. Model dental therapy curriculum introduced
  2. Standards for dental therapy and dental hygiene education
  3. The complexity of curricula development
  4. Expanding dental hygiene to the doctoral level



  1. A Maryland perspective on expanding scope of practice
  2. Reflections from Minnesota
  3. Interim therapeutic restorations
  4. Tribal communities expand access to care
  5. Volunteerism in exchange for dental care



  1. A heartbreaking look at america's dental crisis
Read Issue


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