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Leaders have the ability to impact all of those around them. As a dental hygiene professional, you already possess the tools to masterfully mentor colleagues. Take charge and further develop the leader in you!

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Continued Education

We are committed to
our Members

Providing our members with the latest in cutting edge education. Networking and collaboration are key elements in planning our continuing education calendar. We empower Tri-Counties finest dental hygienists' through an emphasis on technology, therapeutic techniques, and
best practices. [see more below]

[updated: 1/21/2018]

    Featured courses:
  1. Super pulsed dental lasers (3 CE credits)
  2. Choosing the right impression material (3 CE credits)
  3. The role of the dental professional in tooth whitening (3 CE credits)

  5. Webcast:
    1. Advancements in digital dentistry: 3-D printing orthodontics in-house(register here)
    2. The secret sauce—The hidden ingredients of highly successful teams (register here)



volunteer Vacancies


A dentist from Carlson Family Dentistry is looking for a hygienist for Mondays 7 am - 2 pm and possibly Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm.

If you're interested, please contact
Grace Carlson, DDS.
1007 Calimesa Blvd., Ste C
Calimesa, CA 92320



Please contact Teresa Savage @ the Assistance League of Redlands
Manager: Teresa Salvage

If you are an RDH interested in Volunteering to participate in doing screenings & referrals for Kindergarten children, any morning in the month of May (Monday-Friday). Whatever time you may have free, please consider donating your time to help these children, you are desperately needed!


Back by Popular Demand - TCDHS Paint Night!!

Have fun at our "Paint and Sip" party on Sunday, March 18th. Cost is only $30 per person.

TCDHS Afternoon Paint Party at RA Sushi, 2785 Cabot Drive, Corona,CA 92883

Click here for more details and to register.

Visit the Paint Party 101 website for more information!


Upcoming CEs and Socials

  1. Saturday, February 24th, 8:00am – 12:30pm

    TCDHS Midwinter Meeting at San Joaquin Valley College, 4580 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario, CA 91764

    4 CEUs, Continental Breakfast, CDHA Raffle ticket, Election of Delegates for CDHA HOD Courses: 1) Nail that Block (2 CEUs) presented by Angela Barnett, RDH, MA. 2) What the periodontist can do for your patient! (2 CEUs) presented by Mohamed Hassan, DDS, MS.
    For more information and flyer click here; to register, please click here:

  2. Sunday, March 18th,12:00pm – 3:00pm
     TCDHS Afternoon Paint Party (information above)

  3. March 23 2018 at 6 AM to March 25 2018 at 5 PM
    2018 California Care Force

    Riverside County Fairgrounds
    46517 Arabia St, Indio, California

    For more information click here.

  4. April 21, 2018 - Periodontal Disease presentation featuring Dr. Hassan. Details to follow.

  5. Saturday, April 7th,8:00am – 3:30pm
    TCDHS Annual Spring Fling at Corona Ayres Lodge & Suites West, 1700 W Frontage Rd, Corona, CA

    6 CEUs, Lunch buffet, Raffle of a Crown QAC English Saddle stool, Election of 2018-2019 Officers

     Courses: 1) Spotlight on the digital epidemic: Unexpected consequences of modern day devices presented by Anne N. Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP (1.5 CEUs).

    2) Exploring the oral microbiome - Stunning revelations about how microbes actually create disease presented by Anne N.Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP (3.5 CEUs).
    3) The "D" word - Demystifying periodontal diagnosis for the dental hygienist presented by
    Jila Torabi, RDH, BS (1 CEU).

    For more information and flyer click here to register, please click here.

  6. April 24, 2018 - Senior Appreciation Night - Randall Visitor's Center, Loma Linda, CA

[Free Downloads]

The Essential Guide to Infection Control by Hu-Friedy

From transportation and cleaning, to sterilization and storage, each step in dental instrument reprocessing is critical to maintaining a safe, healthy, and efficient environment for you, your staff and your patients. Our two-part series about infection control provides a practical guide that can be used to help every office:

• Comply with best practice & industry standards in infection prevention
• Ensure patient and employee safety
• Reduce risk and liability
• Operate at optimal efficiency

Part 1 of The Essential Guide to Infection Control focuses on the importance of infection prevention and best practices for running a successful infection control program.

In Part 2: Instrument Reprocessing, we share easy-to-implement best practices highlighting the applicable guidelines and regulations that come into play.

> Download Part 1
> Download Part 2




Education Part 2 . . .

Healthy Gums, Health Life

■  gumbrand.com



Visit the Dimensions CE library today, where you’ll find more than 140 timely and relevant continuing education (CE) courses written for you—the practicing dental hygienist—by world-class educators and researchers. These clearly written, evidence-based courses each offer 2 CE units and cover everything from amorphous calcium phosphate technologies to the latest therapies for managing xerostomia. Learn with Dimensions CE! Click here to visit our CE library.

Featured courses: (login required)

  1. The Treatment of Cleft Lip and/or Palate
    - With the advent of presurgical infant orthopedics, the role of oral health professionals in caring for this population continues to grow. By Matthew K. Geneser, DDS

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  2. Providing Ethical, Culturally Competent Care
    - Oral health professionals are charged with encouraging open communication with patients, and understanding their perception of health and disease, as influenced by traditional beliefs. By Pamela Zarkowski, BSDH, MPH, JD

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  3. The Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin Technique
    - Created with patients' own donor tissue, the placement of L-PRF encourages healing following a variety of dental procedures. By Joseph W.Evans, DDS, and Kyndall A. Hudson, RDH

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  1. Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking
    - Oral health professionals need to be able to recognize the signs of victimization to effectively assist this vulnerable population. By Sheryl L. Syme, RDH, MS; Susan Camardese, RDH, MS; and Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, PhD

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  2. Addressing Ulcerations of the Oral Cavity
    - Careful assessment of these common oral conditions is critical to ensure early detection of any malignant ulcerations. By Reid Friesen, DDS; Vandana Singh, BDS, MMSc; and Pallavi Parashar, BDS, DDS, FRCD(C)

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  3. The Role of Homeopathy in Oral Health Care
    - As the number of patients interested in complementary and alternative medicine grows, clinicians should be aware of this modality. By Diana Bronstein, DDS, MS, MS

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  4. Strategies for Meeting Infection Control Protocols
    - In order to protect the health of both patients and oral health professionals, compliance with infection control guidelines must be a top priority. By Fiona M. Collins, BDS, MBA, MA

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  5.  NEW Breaking the Genetic Code
    - Genetic testing may provide oral health professionals with a new avenue to customize patient care and improve preventive treatments and outcomes. By Leciel K. Bono, RDH-ER, MS

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  6.  NEW Digital Technology Integration
    - The following strategies can help oral health professionals implement new technologies into daily clinical practice. By Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS, ABGD, and Stephen J. Sterlitz, DDS, MS, ABGD

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  7.  NEW Changing the Trajectories of Diabetes And Periodontitis
    - Oral health professionals who understand the interrelationship of the inflammatory burden shared by these two chronic diseases will be best prepared to provide customized treatment. By Casey Hein, BSDH, MBA

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)

  8.  NEW Adverse Birth Outcomes and Oral Health
    - This literature review investigates the evidence surrounding the association between periodontal disease and preterm births and low birth weight. By Erin A. Kierce, RDH, BA, MS, MPH, and Lori Rainchuso, RDH, MS, DHSC

    > Read article & educational objectives
    > Purchase Course ($22)






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-  October 16-20, 2017

Photos from #ShowUsYourPurple 2017

Some of our favorite submissions from the biggest #ShowUsYourPurple yet!

This year, in honor of its fifth anniversary, the #ShowUsYourPuple event was the biggest ever, spanning five days. Many proud hygienists submitted their purple photos. Here is a small selection of some of our favorites!
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Oct. 19, 2016

Dental Hygienists Wear Purple
with Pride

October 19th was Show Us Your Purple Day, and RDH’s showed off!
We’ve collected some of our favorite photos from the 4th annual Show Us Your Purple Day.

America's favorite dental hygiene advocate, Esther Wilkins, dressed in her finest purple for Show Us Your Purple Day 2016.

Dr Esther Wilkins prepares to mark a milestone
Send your birthday greetings to Esther as she turns 100!
Share your birthday wishes. Click Here




Robyn Watson, President of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (right), came all the way from Australia to pay Hu-Friedy a visit during National Dental Hygiene Month. Here, she is pictured with Patti Parker (left).




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